Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Birthday All Life Long!

Just because you get older doesn't mean you get to skip your birthdays.
 Maybe I shouldn't tell you how old my husband, Bob, turned on his birthday this month. (He's far left in top photo, cutting pie... no birthday cake for this hombre! He's a peach pie man, no candles, please, they tend to melt in all that gooey goodness filling.) 
One thing I WILL tell you is that his knee is younger than the rest of himself! It's less than three weeks old. (Maybe that's why he babies it!)
Along with us are our sons "Bobaloo" (bottom picture, right, looking at me with an expression that could be interpreted as, "What are you doing?" Or maybe it's more of a "Dad, please hurry up with the pie...") We also have l-r, "Polo," "Mo", "Mom", and "C.L.B." (Bob's scooping ice cream in the bottom photo.)
On the top picture, we have l-r: "Bobaloo," "Grammy Junior," (the back of "Mom") the back of "Abe," and "A-Rob" (with a beard.)
Do you like your birthday? Do you like cake? What would be your favorite birthday celebration food?

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