Monday, April 18, 2016

Gasoline Flavored Pizza?

Someone had to think really hard to put this cardboard slice of a pizza on a gas hose.
On one hand, it could be a brilliant marketing strategy, because if most people who stop to gas up their cars are like me, they're also making a dash inside the gas station to find a restroom. Then they smell the pizza, and remember the cardboard one outside, and if they're really, really hungry, maybe don't associate the word "cardboard" with what's offered beneath the heat lamp in the store.
On the other hand, if a potential pizza customer is out pumping gas and sees the "pizza" slice while smelling gas fumes, is he or she going to associate that with a pizza flavor? "Gas flavored pizza, get yours here!"
I'm curious... do you think they sell more pizza with a cardboard sign on the pump hose, or do you think they sell less? (Would you buy a slice?) 

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