Monday, October 19, 2015

Ruth Anderson 90th Birthday Open House!

Here's my mother Ruth H. Anderson and little sister Carolyn at Mom's 90th birthday open house. Aren't they bright and beautiful?
 Here's a classic picture taken when we weren't ALL READY!
 Here are seven of Mom and Dad's eight children, the ones who could be there. (Dad passed on to the next life 13 years ago, and the oldest child, Melinda, was in the hospital. She is getting better now! Oh, happy day.
 Now Mom is surrounded by (Left to Right) Carolyn, Loraine, Greg, Bev, Shirley (that's me!) DellRay, and Rebecca. (Melinda belongs next to Rebecca.)
We all have blue eyes! Only six of us are comparing the blueness, because DellRay had left by this time. (Everyone was leaving by this time! We're outside!)
Mom is cheerful, helpful, and looks for the best in every day she wakes up.
Would you like to live to be 90?
(Oh, and here is her newspaper announcement because it belongs with all these other pictures!)

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