Monday, October 5, 2015

Cute Girls Club!

Who knew that cutting up my "school pride" shirt would garner me an exclusive invitation?
In my new job at the elementary school, Friday is set aside as "School Pride Day," when students and teachers are encouraged to wear school colors (green, or Manti High School colors red and white, or Snow College colors orange and blue. Or this "I'm A Bucket Filler" shirt. Yes, it does say that. Hold your computer up to a mirror. See? Can I help it if no one is here to help me take a picture except the mirror? I'm adaptable. That's a good thing.)
In order to help me remember Friday's suggested wardrobe, I got a t-shirt. But it was kind of boring. So I got out the scissors, snip, knot, sew (see the sparkle beads added to the ends of the curly-cues and to the bucket's eyes?)
At lunch time, I was swishing my fringe down the hall when a couple of cute girls who've greeted me before saw me. Their eyes went wide and they hurried closer. 
"I love your shirt!" one said.
"Do you want to join our Cute Girl's Club?" asked the other, fluttering her cute eyelashes.
Sticking both arms straight up in the air with excitement, I replied, "Yes! I'd love to be in your Cute Girl Club! Thanks so much for asking me!"
So now you know. I am an official member of the Cute Girl Club.
What is your favorite type of clothing? Do you like structured pieces? Sweats? Loose and floofy? Form-fitting Spandex? Casual jeans and t-shirts? Shark bite pants and sliced up clothing? Come on, tell us... what do you like to wear?

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