Monday, May 4, 2015

The Only Thing I Really Never Wanted to Sew

I like to sew. I can even combine patterns, or even make them up if I want to. I think I got it from my grandma. She was a professional seamstress, and sewed my wedding dress on her treadle sewing machine. Really!
So I come by sewing honestly, plus the fact that not many clothes fit me in my teen years (a girl child of the 60's and 70's wasn't usually 6 feet tall, so I had to sew if I wanted clothing.)
In my more than 40 years of sewing, I've never sewn myself, until now. Last Wednesday, April 29, the needle went through my finger.
I was glad Bob was home to bandage it for me.
Then I went on sewing. (I had a deadline!)
Has one of your favorite activities ever turned on you? (A cook with pudding in the face, a painter sitting on a wet bench, an animal trainer with a squirrel up the pant leg...)
Just wondering!

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