Monday, April 20, 2015

When the Power Goes Out and your Phone is Dead

When I came home from Provo last Tuesday, I was buffeted along the highway by winds so strong that at the north end of town, the cemetery trees hurled branches at my car. I ducked from the force of the blows, wondering if I'd have a dented body. (The car's, not mine.) Then when I reached the safety of home, I found my sons on the sidewalk with three fans spinning crazily in the air.
I wasn't sure what they were doing until I got closer and saw the power strip and the charge tester.
Then I STILL didn't really know what was going on until Brian told me the power was out and he was trying to charge his mobile phone.
Oh! Wind power to the rescue!
It was a good idea in theory, but there was something about AC/DC current that kept it from working in actuality.
What would you do if your phone was nearly out of power and the electricity was off?

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