Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Accidental Haircut

Yes, my hair is shorter than it was three weeks ago. It was an accident. 

My hair was getting thin, so I started taking Biotin (thanks, Bev Anderson Cottle) and I got my hair layered so it would seem thicker (thank you, Alyssa Anderson Larsen!) Yet when I got home, the bottom layer felt too thin, like a mullet, so I begged a protesting Michael to please cut it shorter. He didn't want to, saying he'd mess it up. I cut guides on each side and asked him to please, please, please just cut the hair between the guides. One side was shorter. He worried, saying, "I told you I'd mess it up!" but I said, "No worries. Just make it even."
So he did.

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An Enlightened Mind said...

Could you be any more cute if you tried?! I love this post, love the hair, and love you!
-Sarah Walk


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