Monday, February 16, 2015

A Dragon on my Head from LTUE!

LTUE stands for "Life, the Universe, and Everything,"
a funderful writing/art/textile conference, with fun and interesting things and people to see and do!
Here is Terra Luft, who in spite of the sparkly crown, doesn't write princess stories. Oh, no, she writes suspense with perhaps a trace of horror. The reason she wears the tiara while working is because it makes her feel so good that she writes better. (I must say, she looks pretty good in it, too!)

And here are half of my sons with J. Scott Savage's steampunk dragon introducing his brand new, exciting "Cove" series. L-R: Bron, Michael, Andy, the dragon, Shirley Bahlmann, and the one-and-only J. Scott Savage.

Why didn't I write down this guy's name? I thought I would remember it since both of his names started with the same letter. Hm. I don't recall it at the moment, but whoever he is, he said that he helped start the LTUE conference when he was a FRESHMAN at BYU! (I'm so glad he did.)

Here is my oldest son, Andy, participating on a panel. Not only did he have 4 panels and 1 solo presentation, but he made an impression on attendees with the news that he has a PhD in Super Heroes. (Really! He does! His dissertation was on Super Hero mythology.)

Here I am on my chocolate panel. Yep, the History of Chocolate. (It was delicious.)

I even had help putting out chocolate for the class members to share. (They wouldn't have come to a chocolate class if they didn't like it, would they?)

 I had this picture taken before all my boys assembled for the dragon shoot, where I'm dwarfed by my 6'3" 15-year-old, and the ever-manly Jeff Scott Savage.

And then there's the obligatory dragon head photo. A nice way to end the day.
Do you love writing conferences? (I'd love to live in a hotel with someone else cleaning up after me no matter what kind of conference was going on!) What kind of conference or presentation would you love to go to?

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