Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanks Daddy Dell and Momma Ru

My parents were so popular with our friends and neighborhood kids that my father, Dell Anderson, was given the nickname "Daddy Dell."
(Try singing this... 'The farmer Daddy Dell, the farmer Daddy Dell, Heigh ho the dairy-o, the farmer Daddy Dell.') See? It works!
(Isn't he handsome? He never lost his hair throughout his life, either! I think he looks like a celebrity.)
Daddy Dell
President Kennedy

So then the neighborhood kids came up with "Mama Ru" for my mother, Ruth Anderson. She was always setting extra places at the table for kids who would frequently drop by for meals, especially only child Ronnie Ballant, who seemed to be there every evening for dinner. Mom didn't even blink an eye, but fed whoever, whenever.
More than one person said she resembled the actress Myrna Loy. Go ahead, see for yourself! They could be sisters!
Mama Ru
Myrna Loy

So at this Thanksgiving time, I wish to say I'm thankful for my parents adding me to their big, happy family, because my brothers (2) and sisters (5...I make 6) are my ROCKS. They ROcK LiKE A PaRTy!
Who's your rock?

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