Monday, March 3, 2014

Books for you, books for me, books for everyone, they're F*R*E*E!

I was so excited that I got to my email in time to read this post from CHRISTOPHER BIGELOW at Zarahemla Books!

This week only, all of Zarahemla's eBook titles are available for FREE.

Simply go here and use the code RW100 at checkout. (Offer good through March 8)

All we ask is that you help spread the word about our books. Thanks!

I"M HAPPY TO SPREAD THE WORD! I've read some of Zarahemla's books, and I find them refreshingly thought-provoking. These are the ones I've read:

They may not be what you expect, since "Angel Falling Softly" is about a vampire living in in Salt Lake City, and "Hooligan" is about a Mormon teenager growing up in Colorado while deciding what he believes and how he wants to live, whether it's along with church teachings or not. While these books aren't written for reading out loud in Sunday School, they offer a a glimpse of genuine emotions, doubts, fears, and choices that may sometimes be wrong, yet ultimately teach an invaluable lesson, so perhaps they're right after all.
I thoroughly enjoy the honesty in these books, and can hardly wait to read one I've been eyeing ever since it came out, "Death of a Disco Dancer." (And I just got it for F*R*E*E*!)
Now you can try Zarahemla's books and see what you think! There's no better time than now, before March 8th, while they are still F*R*E*E*!
(Thanks, Christopher.)  

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