Monday, March 17, 2014

Bob Bahlmann Family Adventure at the Salt Lake City Outdoor Expo

Bob and Shirley Bahlmann 

Brian and Michael Bahlmann
set up for the Salt Lake City Outdoor Expo last weekend.

From March 13-16 we shared information on the joy of going outdoors. We also let attendees touch the predator hides we brought from the Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR). Attendees also saw how tall various predators could be by reading their names (badger, raccoon, wolf, cougar, etc.) written on duct tape and applied at appropriate heights to a pole beside our booth. (Good idea, Brian!) The grizzly skull in front of Bob in the photo above came from a bear that could have stood 10 feet tall.

Shirley incognito... can you find her in the lineup of mannequins on the right? (Those mannequins gave us a start more than once, since they seemed to stare at us from across the aisle throughout the expo, even though they had no heads!)


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