Monday, February 17, 2014

LTUE (Life the Universe and Everything) 2014!

 I just got home from the awesome 2014 LTUE conference in Provo, Utah, where my book was prominently displayed right in front of the cash register, 
 people said they liked my hair, 
 and I got to meet some pretty amazing people, like Vini Exton (in person, since she was my broadcast English college instructor and I'd only seen her on the screen before Friday) 
Larry Correia, author of the Monster Hunter series, which even 80 year old Grandmas like (along with cops, military people,and me!) 
Orson Scott Card, author of "Ender's Game" along with many other books I've enjoyed reading over the years,
and Judi Collings, enthusiastic mother of best-selling author Michaelbrent Collings and wife of veteran author Michael Collings!
(A good time was had by all!)

What are you looking forward to that's fun for you? (If you don't have anything in mind, think of something, quick! Fun is good, and fun is right, so you should have fun if it takes all night!)

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