Monday, December 16, 2013

A gift they may not have - Bamboo Socks

I'm a little slow to flesh out this blog, but I've been in shock, wondering who would have ever thought of making socks out of BAMBOO? (I have to pandas make little hats out of French Toast when we aren't looking?)

Why in the world would anyone take a panda's sole food source and make it something we'd wear on our feet? Well, according to Bamboo Village, it's been used in Asia for centuries for lots of things, from building houses to serving on the dinner table. It's just those of us in the Western Hemisphere who have been out of the bamboo loop. (And I'll betcha they don't know what to do with sagebrush, either! Come to think of it, neither do I...)

Anyway, bamboo grows fast, so when your socks wear out, you can just buy some new ones and throw your old ones away, because they are BIODEGRADABLE and won't clog up landfills! They are also soft and warm (I'm wearing some right now) and have a fancy little logo on the sole.

The only thing I'd warn you against is wearing them to the zoo. Don't get too close to the panda enclosure!

What unusual clothing items have you worn?

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