Monday, December 3, 2012

Vegas Lights

When I was in Las Vegas last weekend to visit family, I went to a show to catch some free necklaces. I shouldn't have been surprised that the casino gave me a smoke headache, which wasn't really worth the price of a few shiny plastic beads, but my grandchildren loved the jewelry. I showed them pictures of the ship and balloon that ran along ceiling tracks for dancers to throw necklaces down, and ended up leaving all the necklaces at the grandchildren's house, because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, don't you know? 
Michael saw a military guy who was pretty impressive as an animated statue. Michael dropped a dollar into the guy's rucksack so I could take a picture, and the soldier gave him a sucker.
(That's a bonus pix of Bob in the background below.)
Did you ever think a person could fit inside a chandelier? We found a giant chandelier at a casino. It was three stories tall with a bar inside it!
(We skipped the bar, but I sure liked the shiny crystals!)
Not all places in Las Vegas are made for tall people.
The best place not to bump your head is outside.
I've wanted to go to Europe for a long time, so it was fun to find a scaled-down Eiffel Tower to tide me over until I can actually cross the ocean.
All kinds of story ideas flow through the streets of Vegas, but they won't stay there. They'll show up in books I write.
The best part about Vegas was the Bahlmann family who lives there. Here are half of them.
What's your best vacation place?

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