Monday, December 17, 2012

A good day for smiling

Here's my sassy sister Rebecca with a cool fashion tip for you: when you wear glamorous scarf like she does (she pulls it off so well, don't you think?) then PIN the scarf to your shirt so it doesn't flop around like an octopus tentacle when you're trying to get some work done. Look how classy! (Rebecca is a classy lady.)
It's fun to smile when your sister Loraine (in the green) makes you laugh. Of course she would do it on a day when I (in red) was without my waterproof mascara on! (Now that's funny!)
But the best reason of all to smile today is because it's my son Zack's birthday. I don't care how big he gets, he'll always be my boy. 
What is it that makes you smile today? If you haven't smiled yet, go out and do a smiley thing, then come back and tell us what you did. Happy people want to know, and sad people need to know!


kbrebes said...

Very sweet, Shirley!!!

Shirley Bahlmann said...

Thanks, there's nothing like a family to tug the heartstrings and tickle the funny bone.

RD McNeely said...


Thanks for sharing. Nothing is more wonderful than a smile. The most wonderful thing about a smile is that everyone understands it, no matter what language you speak. Everybody speaks smile!

Have a wonderful Christmas!


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