Monday, April 30, 2012

If you can't find gloves...

          I was amazed when I went out to take care of our animals a couple of mornings ago to find the RABBIT'S WATER BOTTLE FROZEN SHUT! The poor bunnies couldn't get a drink, only lick at a bland popsicle of a water spout, so I took pity on their little blue noses and gave them a bowl of water.
          I don't know why this sudden shift in late April temperatures should amaze me, since I live in the unpredictable mountains, and since I actually witnessed snow falling on June 1st, 1990. But that is not a common sight, so I can still act surprised when it freezes this close to May, even though I'm not. Not really.
          The thing is, what are you going to do when you can't find your gloves? Stay inside? How about if you look around for something else to do the job? Like my husband once said, if you need to drive a nail, you don't need a hammer. You just need something to drive the nail. That opens up so many more possibilities that makes you freer than if you insist on a hammer. (You could pick up a rock about anywhere in my yard!)
          So the next time you're faced with a surprise situation, what are you going to do? Insist on the tried and true? Or go out and find something, anything, to get the job done?

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