Monday, April 23, 2012

Don't Turn Over in Your Sleep

 Besides chairing "Write Here in Ephraim" last week, I've been running ever since with Story Time and writing class and my son's broken arm and helping record the music video for the upcoming LDStorymaker conference. I've found myself eating more fast food and falling asleep at odd moments in untraditional places. One bit of advice, however... don't fall asleep on your turnover. (They still taste good, but they lose that satisfying puffy crunch.)
Sleep can be so annoying when there are so many other things you want to do. Yet various studies show that sleep is beneficial to making a person more productive, such as: "Unless your brain is functioning at its maximum level, you may not be getting as much work done as you think."
Aha! And if sleep doesn't do it, then you can always stuff yourself with a sugar-blast-of-energy turnover!
What is it that energizes you when you're feeling draggy?

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