Monday, March 5, 2012

What Brothers Do

My kindergartener grandson has a little 3-year-old brother named Landon. One day, he decided to do a service for his brother and write his name on his wiggle car so no one would take it. But he didn't know how to spell Landon's name. So he sent Landon inside to look at the wooden letters of his name hanging on the bedroom wall. Landon told him the first letter, then ran in to check on the second letter. After reporting that one, he ran in to see what the third one was. After enough cooperation, Landon's name was spelled out in bold black marker.
It was a laborious process for two little boys, but neither one gave up until their goal was accomplished. Could it have been done better? Not at their age.
What is it that you want to do that seems too hard, or that you don't believe you can do well enough? How about doing it just as well as you can right now? What's stopping you?
(Check out the Chicken Story at Skylee Fair by clicking here! It's a fast read, and you won't believe the picture I found!)

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