Monday, March 26, 2012


I came home the other day to half a pan of BROWNIES sitting on the stove. Since my metabolism went traitor on me, I don't bake BROWNIES any more, but one of my sons did. Ooo, they smelled so good. Ooo, they tasted even better!
Then I found the frosting. Soft, sweet, meltingly delicious, I spread a bit of fluffy goodness on one of the warm brown rectangles. It looked very springy until my son walked in the kitchen and stopped in his tracks. "Mom, what did you do?" he asked, his eyes wide. "Is that guacamole?"

I admit I have a reputation for veering toward health consciousness, although not on a vigilante scale, but even that seemed a bit extreme. Yet I have made black bean brownies before, so guacamole brownies? Hm.
Do you thing one should consider all aspects of a plot twist before discarding any, no matter how unlikely they sound? Do you think you could get something unique out of an unlikely mix?

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Sonja Herbert said...

Great blog you have. Would you care to check out or join mine, too? I can make it to "Write here in Ephraim" after all, unless the baby comes way early! See you there!

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