Monday, May 16, 2011

Can You Beet That?

I admit, it was an impulse buy. I was actually at the store for marinara sauce to get my youngest son to eat my homemade cheese sticks. (They're cheaper than the take-out Italian food he begs me for, but he thinks they're not as good. Hah!) That's when I saw bright beets beaming at me from the label on a can. I reached up and grabbed some.
The teenage checker at the till rolled a beet can over the scanner, paused, glanced at the label and asked, "What do you do with beets?"
Was this a trick question? Cautiously I answered, "Eat them."
The girl's eyes widened in surprise. "Really?"
What planet was this girl from? "You've never had a beet?" I asked, waiting to see if she darted out a forked tongue.
"No," she answered. Then her face grew thoughtful. "I think my mom tried to make me eat one once, but I wouldn't because I thought it would stain my teeth red."
Well, alrighty then. All the more for me.
Is there a food that you get sudden cravings for?


Jeff Bahlmann said...

I LOVE pickled Beets and boiled eggs on my salad...Call me crazy but that is what I like!

Shirley Bahlmann said...

That proves it: you are your grandpa's boy!

Link said...

I love Onion Rings so much and also guavas.

Shirley Bahlmann said...

Onion rings, guavas, beets. Yeah, I could live with that.

winch bumper said...

I love carrots ( they are so good)

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