Saturday, April 17, 2010

Your Face Will Turn Green!

I recently became acquainted with a delicious drink made from a can of pineapple (including juice) a banana, and fresh spinach leaves (I just put in about half a bag... I don't measure) mixed up in a blender! The resulting drink is thick, green, and delicious! When the kindergarten class I substituted in yesterday saw me drinking it, they were appalled. "Mrs. Bahlmann," said one little girl, her eyes big and serious, "if you drink too much of that, your face will turn green."
Hm. There's a book title for you! "The Girl With the Green Face." It has a nice ring to it!
Have a smiley day!


CL Beck, author said...

Well, I'm sorry but throwing spinach in with perfectly good pineapple and bananas is just plain wrong! :)

Karlene said...

I'm going to go try that. But I think I'll add some coconut and call it a healthy pina colada.

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