Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter, Oh, Easter!

IT WAS MICHAEL who remembered the Easter Bunny this year. On Easter Sunday, we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. On Monday, the Easter Bunny comes hopping down the bunny trail, and look what he left! It did my heart good to take pictures of my little boys finding Easter treats. It did my waistline bad to eat some. I mean, I KNOW WHAT THEY TASTE LIKE! So why did I think they'd be any different this year? They weren't!
In good-news-on-the-home-front, I got my Christmas story sent out to different publishers! It's my fondest hopeful greenie-and-growy wish that someone wants to publish it soon!
Ah, what a wonderful world.


CL Beck, author: MormonMishaps said...

Such cute pictures, but I feel sad because I can see that Bron and Mikey are growing up sooooo fast.

Shirley Bahlmann said...

Cute bunnies. They must have gelled down their ears.

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