Friday, July 31, 2009

Flip Flop Blowout

A word of advice: don't fall in love with your flips. They can't live forever. Even if they're really cool, light-up-when-you-walk size 11's. (Yeah, a real find!) I've had them for years, at least 4, which is 199 in flip flop years. I even retired them last winter, hoping they would rejuvenate and serve me for another summer. They are SO COOL, flashing orange lights around and in between my toes when I walk!
But when I put them on the other day, they did their stoic best to carry me to the library and back to my car. But, alas, in the middle of crossing Main Street, one of my flips gave up the ghost, leaving me stumbling across the asphalt. In proper solemnity of the occasion, the approaching truck driver did not even smile as I double stepped backward to pick up my mortally wounded flip flop, it's connecting step pulled completely free of the sole. (Or should I say "soul?") I hobbled to my car, and the truck zoomed by in a 2-shift salute to the demise of my cherished flip.
I know from experience on my son's camo flip that gluing, taping, and cajoling do not work in bringing a flip back to life. So I'll have to send my light-up flips off to a better place, and hopefully, if I live right, I can be with them again some day.


Weston Elliott said...

That's so sad!

Let's observe a moment of silence for all dead favorite shoes everywhere!


Oh, and speaking of duct tape - it may not work on flip-flops, but it works very well indeed on canvas deck shoes! (just a note for those who may need it) *grin!*

Cindy Beck said...

Oh no ... you have my sincere sympathy. The demise of a faithful pair of flip-flops is like losing a family member. Well, almost!

I have light-up flip-flops, too ... but they are aged, and alas, they twinkle no more.

A flip-flop said...

Awww.... so people do care about flip-flops.

I assumed everyone never gave a second thought about us, tossing us away after a summer's end. I met a lass who felt attached to most of her shoes, but thought that her flip-flops were disposable trash and didn't deserve any sentiments, unlike her fancier shoes.

It's good to see us flops getting the respect we deserve for once. It makes our short lives all the more happy.


rachiekatex3 said...

I know this is from awhile ago, but I too had a pair of light up flip flops for 4 years. My pair actually just died today. I was devastated. I was googling a pair like mine and I found this. My condolences, my friend.

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