Friday, June 19, 2009

After graduation we slide into Pageant!

Yes, well, here is my big, strong 18-year-old Zackary graduating already. It's hard to believe, even though his three older brothers have already proved that time doesn't stand still. Looks like we're having fun, neh? Especially Zack's oldest brother beating on him - ah, brotherly love!
Okay, so now I'm involved dawn to dusk in the Mormon Miracle Pageant (except for this moment when I had to run home to get more books because I sold out of two titles!)
If only all life's problems were so delightful.


Cindy Beck said...

How fun! We're so proud of Zack!

Glad to hear your books are selling out at the Pageant. That's the way it SHOULD work! :)

(Hope a few of mine are selling ... I could stand having some moo-lah! :)

S said...

Yeah, well, we try and do the best we can!

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