Thursday, April 10, 2008

Losing It

by Shirley Bahlmann
I don't know what possessed me. I must have been as full as a stuffed turkey when I challenged my husband, Bob, to a weight loss contest.
"Let's see who can lose 20 pounds first," I said.
Bob raised one eyebrow. "What does the winner get?"
A cream filled Boston Cream pie came to mind, but before the words reached my mouth, I realized it was a counter-productive reward. Hm. What would be worth losing weight for?
Then it hit me. "Whoever wins gets to pick the tile for our kitchen when we remodel," I said.
I think Bob nodded. Maybe he lowered his head to his hand, but I turned away so fast I can't be sure.
We started out on even ground. But three days ago, I caught Bob cheating. Can you believe it? He caught some kind of germ that made him so sick he couldn't keep anything down for two days.
Today, he announced cheerfully, "I lost eight pounds."
Maybe I'll tell him he needs to lose 28 pounds to my 20. It's only fair.

1 comment:

Don said...

You know, once you found Bob was cheating with that flu stuff you should have gotten all snoggy with him so you could catch the bug, too.

He is your husband, after all. It's only fair to ask him to share.

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