Monday, May 25, 2020


I found this shirt in a thrift store. I liked all the colors. I liked the puzzle pieces. and I liked the words, except that I don't know if people can really be anything they want.
While many things can be learned, like how to make pancakes, don't some jobs require a certain skill set? You need to understand how numbers work together in order to be a mathematician, don't you? You need to understand colors and shapes to be an artist, right? 
There may even be some body compositions to consider in certain careers. A skinny bouncer wouldn't be taken as seriously as one with broad shoulders. A tall, beefy jockey isn't likely to win any races. In high school, I wanted to be a stewardess, but I was too tall. Fortunately, I'm not too tall to be a writer.
Neither are you!
And, good news! No one is too tall or too small to be kind.
I regret some of my past unkindesses and thoughtlessness and power trips, but I console myself by knowing I can be kind from now on.
Do you like to be kind?
Or do you like the rush of picking fights?

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