Monday, April 15, 2019

On the Road in Dallas!

I've had a chance to travel the last couple of weeks! I've most recently been in Dallas, Texas, with my lovely sister Bev and her hunky husband Mark. 
Bev played the flute in school, and she's still got it!
 Bev's friend, Sara, and Sara's daughter, Alison, loved the performance!
My traveling companion was my other sister, Carolyn.
We had a rockin' out dance on Saturday!
 (Macarena, anyone?)
When Carolyn was little, she used to fall asleep doing the spraddle splits. Guess what? She can still do it!

 We loved seeing family, like Bev, Jaren, Mark, Curtis, and Iveth. 
As my old hometown newspaper used to report of social events, 
"A good time was had by all."
Do you like packing a suitcase (or personal item only if you fly Spirit airlines) and going places?

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