Monday, December 10, 2018


This was one of those funny/sad moments in life. We were at a church when my little sister Carolyn said she needed to use the bathroom. So she opened up this door, because the sign next to it said, "Restroom," didn't it?
Well, not quite... the poor girl opened the door, looked at the platform with chairs and microphone stand, then looked at the sign, then looked through the door at the platform again.

It was a real "Candid Camera" moment. When I finally stopped giggling, I was able to point her in the right direction.
My worst bathroom incident happened in kindergarten when I was too afraid to tell the teacher I had to go. By the time my friends convinced me that the teacher would say, "Yes," I had to go so badly that once in the bathroom, I didn't dare let go of holding it in (you know, the classic hand stopping the flow) so I let out a wail of fear and pain.
The teacher hurried in to my rescue, along with the whole class crowding around the bathroom door! When she told me in her no-nonsense Mrs. Garrison voice that of course I could go in the toilet, wonder of wonders, I could!
I don't even remember if she shut the door first.
(I didn't even care!)
What's your best bathroom story?

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