Monday, August 6, 2018

Horse on the Hood

Ever since I was old enough to listen, I've heard of cars having "horse power." According to Google:
(Click the quote above for its origin.)

When I came across this car in a parking lot, I was stopped by the unique hood ornament. I'd never seen one like it before.

It didn't look to be the kind of vehicle that could transport a horse.

Not unless it had a lot of HORSEPOWER under the horse statue!
Speaking of horses, I would rather try to maneuver a horse into the gap between these pillars at a local theater than the car that is somehow magically stuck in there.
(I dunno, do those wheels actually turn sideways?)
That is some fancy maneuvering. 
If I tried to drive it in there, you could expect the car to be covered in bumper bandaids, like this one I idled behind at a stop sign. (Looks like I need to clean my windshield.)
Do you like detail-oriented things, like horse hood ornaments or maneuvering cars into small spaces?

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