Monday, April 2, 2018

Carolyn's Easter Bonnet and egg fingernails!

My little sister Carolyn was feeling very pretty in her red Easter bonnet on Sunday.
Not only that, but our friend, Quincie Long, painted Carolyn's fingernails to look like little Easter Eggs!
She had fun finding things to put in her Easter basket.
One funny thing...well, funny to me, maybe not to that when she saw a chocolate bunny, she said, "I like chocolate, but I don't like them killing rabbits."
Startled, I replied, "You think they kill rabbits?"
She pointed at the chocolate bunny. "They kill it, then put chocolate on it."
Managing not to laugh, I explained to her that there is no rabbit killing in the making of chocolate bunnies.
We hope you had a fine and happy Easter, too.

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