Monday, January 8, 2018

Six Year Old Fingernail Polish Style

When my six-year-old granddaughter asked to paint my fingernails, I said, "Sure." I've got nail polish remover if needed. It's all good.
But when she whipped out her impressively large bucket of paints, she ended up putting a different color on each fingernail. 

I found it rather difficult to take a picture of all ten of my fingers by myself, since I am not acquainted withe the timed photo mechanism on my phone (that's technologically smarter than me) so I asked people to help document the occasion.

Then it turned out that I liked the look so much (I mean, it goes with EVERYTHING!) that when the art faded, I got myself some fingernail polish for my own palette and re-did the artwork.
Not knowing how long it takes nail polish to dry (UP TO TWO HOURS, PEOPLE!) I also managed to texturize my polish job, which felt weird when my fingers rubbed against certain textures.
Back to the nail polish remover.
There was also a problem with chipping a day or two after application.
Introduce clear top coat!
So now me and my new fingernail friends are having a colorful time heading into 2018.
What are you doing new for the new year?

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