Monday, June 12, 2017

Photo Op Cop

As a passenger in my car while my son drove, I took the opportunity to take a picture of an interesting patch of trees on an otherwise bare hillside. I wondered, "Why is there a thick patch of trees there? Did a fire burn all around it and skip over that part? That would have been cool to see. Is the rest of the hill diseased? What kind of disease? Is that the only place where there's enough ground water to grow trees? Or is that where an alien spacecraft landed and unloaded their potties, making the soil particularly rich?"
As I took the fascinating picture, the car window rolled up into view. (See the window line in the photo above, cutting through the grove?)
Since that startling event strengthened the alien theory, which could result in my car being controlled by forces outside myself, I looked around for a reason.
That's when I saw that my teenage son had a smirk on his face and his finger on the buttons that control all the windows.

Well, I'm a speedy camera girl, so I took another picture, but I STILL got a window in the frame from the guy trying to police my photo opportunity. (The window is a little lower, underlining the trees as if separating them from the green field, but it's still there!)

So as the window spazzed up and down with my teen's twitchy fingers, I clicked and clicked until I GOT ONE! Above is a nice, clear picture of the strange grove along the west side of I-15, north of Beaver, (yes, there really is a town by that name) Utah.
I think my teenager is pretty funny in his own, strange teenage way. He's kind of quirky, like this unusual patch of trees.
So, do you "get" teenage humor? Or would you rather wait until a teenager is no longer a teenager before you talk to one? 

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