Monday, February 27, 2017

Tall Bahlmenn and Big Fish!

I know my boys are tall, but sheesh, Andy, you're gonna take your head off if you run through any doorways in that get-up for playing the giant in BIG FISH at the Snow College theater! 
(I know, who's "playing," right?)

I was warned to take tissues, so I did. Afterward, I asked Bob if I should have handed him a tissue. He just looked at me with a half grin. Michael said he would have cried if he was a social cryer. Andy did his crying on stage.
We really liked the play. It was worth our time.
Do you like plays that make you cry? Or do you prefer to laugh? (This one offered both!) Do you like slapstick? Musicals? (This was also one of those.) Or drama? (Yeah, that too.)
What kind of play would you like to see? 

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