Monday, October 17, 2016

Going Chinese!

I got free soup at a Chinese restaurant because the waiter brought the wrong kind. He just gave it to me, "flee of chalge."
I also had bananas fried dough (what were they called?) Yummy bananas!

I also had seaweed salad, and it wasn't slimy! It was even kind of crunchy. Yes, it did taste like seaweed, but not too much. I only looked over my shoulder for the ocean once. 

Spring rolls. They tasted good, but they had chewy cabbagey chopped up inside that was kind of hard to chew. I actually dipped the spring rolls in the seaweed salad sauce as much as the yellow sauce that they came with.

The bananas were the best, IMHO. (Do you know what that means? "In My Humble Opinion." Or it could mean "I Make Hot Oatmeal."
What would you say it means?
(And which of these foods would you like the best?)

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