Monday, March 14, 2016

Green Grass/Glacier

Green grass is growing around most of the yard, but on the north side of our house is a glacier! (It's higher than the top step, and there are two steps off our back porch!)
This reminds me of the first summer Bob and I were married, when we went camping on the north side of Timpanogos Mountain and saw a glacier there. (That's also where I woke up in the night and thought I saw a toddler in a blue coat wandering among the sagebrush with little short-legged steps, but Bob said he couldn't see anyone. After blinking hard three times, saying that I could see a little boy out there between each blink, I finally lost sight of him myself. What was that? Leftover dreams?) 
I'm so glad for snow and the summer water it gives us.
Are you a snow complainer? Or a snow celebrator?

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