Monday, November 30, 2015

A Motorcycle Party, in Honor of my Mom's Birthday!

Hey, look what I found! Pictures from this past summer when I discovered evidence of a motorcycle party in downtown Ephraim! (2013 Ephraim, Utah Population: 6,431)
 You may see the bikes parked in front of Towne Theater and deduct that they all stopped to watch "A Mouse and His Motorcycle," but it's not likely that they stopped to watch a movie. See the little blue sign on the building next to the theater? It says, "Main Street Diner."
(I wonder if they ran out of pie?)
Interesting anecdote... while driving down the freeway one day, I watched a motorcycle rider toss a glove over to another motorcyclist while biking along at 75 mph. The second rider reached out to catch it, and missed by just 12 inches. (No, they didn't stop to pick it up. They just laughed and kept on going.)
These motorcycles remind me of my mother (Happy Birthday Mom! She turns 90 years young today!) because Mom has always wanted a red convertible sports car. That's the next step to a convertible!
Do these motorcycles make you want to hop on and go for a ride?
Do you have a motorcycle heart? Or are you a four-door kind of person?

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