Monday, September 7, 2015

If You Think I'M Tall...

Some people, especially little ones at the elementary school where I work, think I'm tall. It's true that when my hair's fluffy, I reach the six foot mark. I was the tallest female in my family (besides my six foot tall mother) until my gorgeous niece, Vanessa Wetton, surpassed me. She's two inches taller! (And that's her studly baby boy, Lokk, in  the photo.)
As a teenager, when Vanessa realized she was inching up on me, she told her mother, "I don't want to be as tall as Aunt Shirley!"
Wish granted. Her DNA made her taller.
Then one day I embarrassed her at Parent/Teacher conference when I saw her talking to her friends 5 feet from where her teacher sat, slouched over so far that her shoulder blades stuck out in back. "Well," I said, pressing on her back in an effort to get her to straighten up, "the way you're standing gives a whole new meaning to the term, 'double breasted'."
She was mortified!
But guess what... she stood up straight after that, and looks much better for it! (Or else she darted a furtive look around to see if embarrassing Aunt Shirley was in the vicinity before daring to slouch.)
Has anyone ever embarrassed you for your own good?
Or did they just do it for a laugh? (Which was also for your own good if you managed to laugh along with them!)

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