Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What I did last week

This is me by the Colorado River. (You're too close to the camera... take a step back... just a little further... another step.... almost there... step back one more time!)

Bob is obviously outstanding in his field.

Michael wants to know if there's any food left in the ancient granary! (The depression in the rock above and to the right of his head.)

Now I'm wondering how a family of 10 pioneers lived in this little cabin!
Coming back from a book selling trip to Blanding, Utah was fun with Michael at the wheel. He made spontaneous stops at sites that looked interesting. The only time we skipped a site was when someone in the truck had to go to the bathroom and we were a couple of miles from the visitor's center. (Plan ahead, people!)
When you travel, do you make spontaneous stops, or are you a keep-to-the-schedule type of person?

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