Monday, November 11, 2013

The trouble with Cars

I don't argue that cars are helpful things. When mine works, I love my PT Cruiser (except for its low clearance. I lost an oil pan from rolling over a rock on a canyon road a few years ago.) When they don't work, cars are just big hunks of junk. Last year, my car got several mysterious flat tires. It seemed like I found a flat tire every other week for a couple of months. Weird.

My sister's tire was weird, too because the tire repair man said he'd never seen a flat like hers with a stick impaled in her tire. He couldn't figure out how it had happened.

But I digress.
This year, I had to have a new alternator put in my hot-rod-red PT Cruiser. Only a couple of weeks later, my car broke down on a highway north of Gunnison while I was rushing to get my prescriptions before closing time. The new alternator had gone junk, but my knight in shining red truck armor came and rescued me in enough time to get my car to a safe place and also get my tasks done. We barely made it! It was so exciting.
Do you like your vehicle? Or would you rather have a horse?

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