Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Face a Chipmunk Could Love

I'm not the only one racking up the injuries. Here's my 13-year-old son after getting his six (count 'em, 6!) wisdom teeth removed.
Luckily, his scars won't show, but maybe being a guy, he wants them visible as trophies. It might depend on how he got them. If he survived getting his face bitten by a rabid Tasmanian Devil, then that would be an interesting tale to tell. During recovery, he got so sick of yogurt that he finally muscled down some pizza yesterday. It looks like he kept some of it in his cheeks. That's one way to save it for later so other people won't eat it!
We're just glad it's over with.
On to the next adventure!
What adventures are you facing in your life?

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