Monday, June 10, 2013

Where all the Flowers come from

Some people ask me, "Where do you get all your flowers?" as they stare at the flowers I like to wear in my hair.
Well, you see, when we moved into this house, I didn't know that the bathroom walls were actually vertical flower gardens. I conveniently find colorful flowers growing in rows, so I simply reach out and pick the ones that match my clothes.
This angle shows one wall of flowers growing in my bathroom (along with necklace bushes and earring fruit... and do you see the small, heavenly rays slanting from the upper left corner? Hear the angels singing? "Ahhhhh." They like flowers, too.)
I have another wall of blue, bronze, white, purple, and red flowers growing on rows of ribbon. There's a color for anything the morning might throw at me, and if there's not, then I just go out and get more flowers and make them into hair clips! (Can you keep a secret? Sometimes I clip them onto my clothes, too.)
Some people have told me that they recognize me by my hair flowers. Is it because there are so many 6 foot tall blonde grandmas that each one needs their own trademark? Okay, I'll go with that, as long as I get to look like a blooming garden!
What's your trademark?  

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