Monday, October 8, 2012

Playing in the mud!

The picture lies. I did not put that mud on my face, even though Brian suspected I was playing in the mud and made myself a mudding plaster mustache! Not so! It fell there of its own accord. I was in the store buying mud for our ceiling recently denuded of the sparkly, cottage-cheese type stuff, when I was treated to the mud-selling store man's tale of his childhood friend's ceiling with so much cottage cheese finish that it made hanging icicles! (Worst of all, they never melted... dun dun dun!)
Thanks to my buff boys Zack, Brian, and Michael, we got the cottage cheese off last night and mudded the ceiling into attractive swirls today, along with bonus attractive mustaches and permanent hair decor. (But the boys didn't get any! How do they do it?) We're almost ready to paint it into a happily-ever-after ceiling. I can only imagine that the next owners will get themselves some cottage cheese ceiling spray and go to town, creating actual stalactites!
Which brings me to my writing point... I had a book all ready to send out after a couple of more proofreads, but the proofreaders had (*gasp*) differing opinions!
So now I, the author, must figure it out.
What have you been stewing over lately? Have you come to any conclusions yet? 

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