Monday, September 24, 2012

Serious Hat Hair

     My sister wanted to see Bob's "buffalo" headdress before deciding if she wanted to borrow it, so I modeled it for her. Take a look at those horns! Do you think I could scare off the sticky Indian summer flies with that? The answer is: no, I can't. They still think they own the house, so I turn on the fan while I sit and write. Yes, a fan. It blows the flies away, is more convenient than a fly swatter, and works better than a buffalo headdress.
     Writers are always thinking of different ways to do things. What do you use that is out of the ordinary scope of its purpose? Do you plug your ears with marshmallows? Use a pierced earring post as a toothpick? Mop your floor with a bath towel? Come on, if I can play Fred Flintstone on bowling day, you can share your secret! 

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