Monday, June 25, 2012

Do you REALLY know what you want?

The lady at the grocery store checkout put a single piece of chocolate between two dividers. I had to look again. Was she really standing in line to buy a single piece of chocolate? I watched in case someone else joined her with a jug of milk or a bunch of bananas or even a box of graham crackers and bag of marshmallows. Nope, no one came. The cashier rung up her single bite-sized gold foil wrapped chocolate and the woman paid. Then she picked her purchase up between her thumb and forefinger and left the store.
Wow. I would have bought at least two!
This made me think about things we stockpile "just in case." Why so much stuff?
It's like writing a book and putting in too much description. One taste (one perfect element of description) can be better than a whole trunkful (a chapter of purple prose).
What is YOUR guilty indulgence?

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