Monday, January 16, 2012

Never Fear, Grammy's Here!

If you want to sleep on the floor, who do you ask? Ask Grammy!
If you want a gourmet cupcake, who do you ask? Ask Grammy! If you want to wait an hour and a half in a casino to see a mermaid, who do you ask? Ask Grammy!
And if you're driving on Tropicana Boulevard in Las Vegas just after dark and the interior light comes on and the "door open" alarm starts beeping, who will turn the car off at the next red light so the doors can be open and shut tightly? Grammy! Not being able to start the car after was also of Grammy's doing. Eventually realizing that the car wasn't in "park" solved the problem, although the traffic light had turned green by then and the drivers behind were restless. Arriving home from that debacle, my newly-turned-10 grandson said, "I've got to sit down and rest from that adventure." For two days and two nights, Grammy ruled the roost and watched her little chickadees while her son and daughter-in-law were away.
We had another adventure going to "Disney on Ice: Toy Story III" the next evening - walking half a mile with the youngest in a stroller. (Oh yeah, oh yeah. Grammy even went up the event center stairs two at a time while escorting grandchildren to the bathroom. She didn't even feel the burn. Way to go, water aerobics! Way to go bike riding!) Grammy liked the event as much as the kids, laughing especially at the troll dolls. The skaters only used their legs from the knees down and their forearms and hands to gesture because most of their body was stuffed up into the tall troll doll hair. Hilarious. That night Grammy was up four times, for an overflowing toilet, a baby crying, a diarrhea victim who missed, and a prowling teenager trying to figure out who and where everyone was after nearly tripping over someone sleeping on the floor.
Never fear...
What are your best babysitting adventures?

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