Monday, November 28, 2011

What Color is His Bathroom? By the Way, What's Your Favorite Holiday?

I walked my son to school last week and happened upon a teacher struggling with two hands full of heavy plastic grocery bags. Knowing how those thin, tough handles love to cut into flesh, I offered to carry some for her so she could unlock her door. We ended up talking the WHOLE FIRST PERIOD of school about holidays, their meanings, and the way people perceive them. (Yep, I can talk to anyone.) I once got involved in a conversation with a stranger in the visitor's center at Flaming Gorge. When I finally got in the car with the impatiently waiting males of my family, my husband glibly asked, "What color was his bathroom?"
"Yellow," I replied.
It was true. We'd meandered into discussing his current remodeling job. (Come on, who couldn't open up to a face like this? Yes, it is mine, and after watching some old episodes of the medical drama "House," I'm grateful I have a face. Any face.)
Anyway, back to the teacher talk, the one who opened my eyes to the wondrous simplicity of Thanksgiving, where the focus is not on gifts nor baskets nor sugary sweets, but on giving thanks for simple abundance and on gathering together in groups to reflect on our blessings and enjoy our kinship and friendship. She pointed out how it appears to be squeezing out of popularity by the BIG COMMERCIAL holidays near it. She helped me realize the appeal of Thanksgiving to the point that it has now become MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY. (Next to Halloween and the ballerina costume my Grandmother made for me when I was about THAT age!)
Im also thankful to have launched my new pen name blog! Do you wanna see? Really? If you follow it, then you get to read TWO blogs from this infathomable mind of mine. (Which goes along with the gratitude-for-my-face sentiment. I'm glad I have any mind at all.) Can you take it? CAN YOU?
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Susan Law Corpany said...

Shirley, when my parents used to visit me in Florida, my Dad would always strike up a conversation with anyone nearby and would always end with,"If you're ever up in Idaho, we're the big farmhouse with the red roof between St. Anthony and Ashton." My son and I used to joke that one day there would be a knock on the door. "Remember me? Ft. Lauderdale Boat Parade 1988." But one day while wishing the Safeway express lane cashier happy birthday, my husband inquired how I knew that, and I proceeded to tell him that the was an identical twin, etc. There is really a lot you can find out about a person, even while they are only ringing up 15 items or fewer. It hit me that someday I would be a lonely empty nester describing my house and inviting people to stop by. So yeah, instant friends are lots of fun. By the way, my bathroom is teal, coral and gold.

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