Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Ever since my bookcases collapsed, I have not seemed to be able to get on top of the clutter. It seems that most of what's left is, well, books. I just can't throw them away, and I have to go through them to see which ones I can possibly part with for library donations. I mean, without bookshelves, where else can I put them? I have started a stack against the wall, bricklayer style, of titles I want to read and then possibly donate.
Another squirrel in the coconut tree is that Bron wants to paint his room... at least, I thought he wanted to paint his room. Now it appears that he wants ME to HELP him paint his room. I already spent about 4 hours scraping wallpaper off the narrow wall of his room (the only place three layers were plastered, thank goodness.) I thought I'd done my decorator time. But apparently not.
Hey, I know! We can re-do Bron's room with bookcase walls! That will solve everything.


Heidi Noel said...

We NEVER get rid of books, we are not allowed. When I was growing up my parents divided our rooms with bookshelves to reduce fighting. I LOVE books.

Randi said...

Books are always the hardest "clutter" for me to get rid of. I always seem to get emotionally tied up in a book and feel like I'm amputating something when I have to get rid of some.

Shirley Bahlmann said...

If I had more shelves, I would not want to get rid of books, either. But the library is the safest place I know of to put them. I love books, too, and some of the ones I've "amputated" still haunt me.
I know! I could build a house out of them! (Covers out so I could still open them and read them. Adjustable height chairs, anyone?)

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