Monday, October 5, 2009

A What-y and a Who, Now?

"Come on, Shirley, you've got to see this clip!" Bob said, as he slid the arrow back on a Youtube video. Then he played a snip of a football team kicking a ball and some player catching it in the end zone. Then that player threw the ball down in what I can only assume was a victory slam that bounced it out of the end zone. Then a guy in a different colored uniform grabbed the ball and ran into the same end zone the other guy just caught it in.
"Can you believe it?" Bob chuckled. "He got a touchdown with no time on the clock!"
"How could he do that?"
"The ball was still in play."
"But the other guy was there first," I said.
"But he was on the other team."
I cocked my head. "So he intercepted it?"
"No, his team punted it to him."
"So why was he in the other team's end zone?"
(Bob said something I forget now because it made no sense.)
"I don't get it."
"Never mind."
My point is proven - football is just a bunch of guys running around the field crashing into each other, then standing around making random rules in between hits to confuse people like me!


Andy said...

I saw the same video. It was a hilarious gaffe on the part of the receiving team. Because he didn't down the ball, it remained in play until the referee blew his whistle. He celebrated before he had stopped the play. I get it. It's pretty funny. But I do feel sorry for the guy who caught the ball.

Shirley Bahlmann said...

Yes, I can see that you are one of those guys who makes up rules as you go along, aren't you? :o)
I'm glad you enjoyed the clip, you man, you!

Jacob said...

i agree with you football is a bunch of guys running around tackling each other

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