Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What a Way to Get A Job!

by Shirley Bahlmann
It's a curious thing... for the last couple of years, my husband, Bob, has aspired to work as Sports Editor for the local newspaper. He's an award winning sports writer, after all, and being the editor means he would have his hand in all of the sports. (Why he'd want to juggle basketballs, baseballs, volleyballs and footballs while kicking soccer balls is beyond me, but he seems to really like it.) He's talked to the owner more than once about hiring him, and she's always lamented that, although she'd love to have him on staff, money for his salary was a problem.
Then, yesterday, she left a cryptic message on our answering machine. "Bob, I need to talk to you about a couple of things. One is a story idea, and the other thing is bigger. Call me back."
When Bob finally got hold of her, she revealed that her current sports editor was caught breaking into the newspaper office, trying to steal money. When the police tested him for drugs, he was positive for meth, and also had ecstasy in his possession. Suffice it to say, he no longer works for the newspaper, so the owner hired Bob on the spot. Bob was grinning in his sleep last night.
Life can be more surprising than novels.
Boo! (You weren't expecting that, were you?)


Anne Bradshaw said...

Congrats to Bob. Good wins over other stuff any day. Great post, Shirley. You always make smile.

Josi said...

Perseverance pays off, that's awesome. Congrats to Bob.

Karlene said...

I just love stories like that. Well, from the perspective of your husband. It would really suck to be the guy he replaced. Anyway. Congrats!

Doug Johnston said...

Since I know Bob's new boss, he will do good.

Pink Ink said...

That's great!! Congrats to your husband.

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