Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stayin' Alive

My 17 year old son, Zackary, was driving home from work and when he noticed he was drifting towards the edge of the road, he over corrected and would up skidding down the road on the driver's side door. The officer who responded to the accident said that his sister had died in a similar accident only a week earlier. Another local woman lost her arm a couple of years ago by skidding down the road with her arm out the window.
Fortunately, Zack was uninjured. I count my blessings and thank Father that Zack only had a sore neck the following day.
When I gave Zack a hug and told him I was glad he's still alive, he grunted and said, "I just hope I can get my car fixed. I love that car."
And I love that boy.

1 comment:

C.L. Beck said...

I'm so glad that someone was watching out over Zack and that's he's okay!

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